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At PediPlace, you can expect a friendly, welcoming community of healthcare professionals dedicated to you and the health of your family. To provide your child with the best care possible, appointments are required.

Our team treats illnesses and provides holistic preventative care. When necessary, we also provide referrals for specialized treatment.

Preventive Care

Creating long-term health and success.

Alongside all the vital vaccinations children need at a young age, PediPlace provides affordable screenings for hearing and vision.

Managing Chronic Illnesses & Complex Medical Conditions

We have 29 years of experience caring for children, and much of that work involves comprehensive treatment for illnesses like asthma, ADHD, and obesity.

Addressing Mental Health Needs

Addressing Mental Health Needs PediPlace utilizes APA-approved mental health screenings to assess our patients' emotional well-being. We also offer in-clinic therapy with a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Healthy Babies

Without preventive exams or well visits, babies are at risk of going untreated for developmental delays, and hearing and vision problems. That is why our Healthy Babies Program strives to increase the number of well-child visits among our community’s children ages 3 days to 15 months. With this program, babies can become healthy, thriving kids. For our uninsured patients, there are no fees for these recommended visits.


Preventative exams recommended for children at:

3 days, 2 weeks, And months 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, & 15

Healthy Kids

Through regularly scheduled visits, our clinic team establishes a partnership with parents, caretakers  and their growing kids. The initial focus is preventive care, which includes annual physicals for children ages 2 and up. With PediPlace as their main healthcare provider, children get proactive access to routine care, immunizations, and a comforting, helpful clinic when they are sick.

Illness to Wellness

This initiative addresses the acute care needs of PediPlace patients, including illnesses such as the flu, sore throat, viruses, and ear infections, as well as follow-up care for children with chronic illnesses like asthma, ADHD, and obesity.

School Clinic Initiative

Through a unique partnership with the Lewisville Independent School District, PediPlace established a pediatric clinic on-site at a local elementary school with a high economically disadvantaged student population to expand access to health care for low-income, at-risk schoolchildren.

Integrated Mental Health Services

PediPlace provides integrated mental health services within our primary care framework to address risk factors specific to our patient population. This program places a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) at PediPlace and provides services that assist patients and their families with navigating the complex medical and mental healthcare system. We offer child and adolescent therapy to address issues of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sexual behavior, and others, using a variety of techniques. We also offer direct referral and access to in-house services in a trusted environment, enhance medical home model, and address issues in a timely manner.

Parent Education

Engaging and educating parents is a cornerstone of PediPlace. We focus on developing partnerships and relationships with parents and caretakers so we can teach them about medicine, their child’s health, and the steps they can take to raise happy, healthy kids. While respecting language and culture differences, we empower parents to support their children.

Reach Out and Read

Designed to prepare children for school, Reach Out and Read builds upon the unique partnership between parent and medical provider. Starting at age six months, each patient receives an age-appropriate book at the beginning of every well visit. By the time the child is six years old, they have a full library of 18 books designed to expand and enhance their vocabulary and their cognitive skills.

Family Care Fund

This program was created to help uninsured patients who were unable to afford prescription medications and lab tests required for their prescribed medical care. With the Family Care Fund, PediPlace patients can receive financial assistance for their prescriptions and labs to complete their full cycle of care.

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