Why Pediplace

If you believe all children should have the opportunity to live happy, healthy lives,
you are in the right place. It is our mission to make healthcare a reality
for every kid.

As one of our inspiring supporters, every dollar you give goes directly to our
programs that stretch across North Texas and help us provide quality healthcare
to more children.

Family Care Fund

Sometimes uninsured patients grapple with rises in prescription costs and lab tests. This program helps with those added expenses.

The Family Care Fund provides critical financial assistance so PediPlace patients can complete the full cycle of care.

Help Uninsured Children

fundraising events

Each year brings a new slate of exciting and engaging PediPlace events throughout our community.


From marketing to medicine, our volunteers bring their unique skills to PediPlace. We invite you to do the same, because your talents can make a difference.

Pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and trained medical assistants are always in need, and you get to choose which kind of volunteering works best for you: on-call or regularly scheduled days.

Tell us how you would like to help, and together, we can give children healthy lives.

In-Kind Donations

There is more than one way to make a big difference. By providing items like the ones listed below, you can help the thousands of children we care for every year. If you are interested in donating, please contact shari.markey@pediplace.org or 469-322-3660

  • To Care For Our Children:

    - Diapers
    - Baby wipes
    - Baby and Children’s Tylenol, Advil, and Motrin
    - Band-Aids
    - New children’s books
    - Gift cards to Target and Walmart

  • To Support Our Business Operations:

    - Office supplies like paper, tape, and file folders
    - Cleaning supplies like Windex and Lysol

  • To Boost our Treatment and Educate Parents:

    - Digital thermometers
    - Stethoscopes
    - Asthma peak flow meters

Donation Drives

Hearts of wellness

An important component of PediPlace's programs is to help our families throughout the year through gifts of quilts, stuffed animals, hygiene products and baby products. As February approaches, we are in need of goody bags to hand out to our patients to share the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Items Needed

patient snack bags

Make a child's day by donating delicious and nutritious snacks! Many of our patients do not have enough food at home. These treats allow us to help our patients with hunger needs during the daytime.

Items Needed

Baby gift bags

Our newborn families are given a baby gift bag after their examination. At PediPlace we focus on developing partnerships with parents to teach parents and children about their health concerns, medicines, and the proper use of the emergency room.

Items Needed

birthday bags

Everyone enjoys a birthday celebration! Please help make the birthdays bright for our patients by donating birthday bags to help celebrate their big day!!

Items Needed

if you have any questions, please contact Shari.Markey@pediplace.org or 469.322.3660.