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Welcome to PediPlace,
a nonprofit pediatric clinic

Our mission: Making healthcare a reality for every kid

We offer quality, safe, equitable, compassionate, family-centered care to children and families looking for accessible and exceptional health providers. From diapers through graduation, PediPlace staff provides a medical home to uninsured and underinsured families.

Who We Serve

Our experienced staff of medical professionals provide primary care to families who are uninsured or eligible for CHIP or Medicaid. The PediPlace experience is rooted in timeliness and compassion, and every patient’s treatment is designed to meet their unique needs.

Healthy Futures For All

  • PediPlace offers COVID-19 vaccines to eligible patients and family members

  • Keep track of your child's well visit and vaccine schedule with our online guide

  • Stay connected and keep learning by checking out our patient resources page

2023 amazing fundracer

Do you like to have FUN? Are you COMPETITIVE? Are you a fan of reality television’s The Amazing Race? This is your chance to live your dream of taking part in a race while supporting a worthwhile cause! PediPlace invites you, your colleagues, family, and friends to be a part of The Amazing FundRACEr and have fun raising funds that allow us to make healthcare a reality for every kid!

2022 PediPlace Poker Party

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Christian's Story

We met this sweet boy shortly after he was born. His foster family couldn't find a Medicaid primary care provider, and they were anxious to get Christian's asthma, allergies, and eczema under control.

PediPlace screened Christian for physical and developmental delays and got him up to date on all of his shots. Our skilled team of referral staff helped connect Christian with a volunteer allergist who could see him at no cost.

One year later, Christian is happy, healthy, and still visiting our team for checkups and asthma care management visits. One smile from Christian is all it takes to brighten our whole week.

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PediPlace thrives on the kindhearted financial support from people like you: People who share our belief that every child deserves the best care possible and strive to make healthcare a reality for every kid. You can power this life-changing work.