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A Place to Care

by Pediplace Blog | Jul 22, 2014

PediPlace is: unique, hope, chaos, sympathy, home, happy, peaceful, and opportunity. Better said, PediPlace is simply indescribable. When people asked me where I worked, I would typically stick with the formal description: non-profit pediatric clinic for Medicaid, CHIPS, and uninsured patients only. I usually got the same reaction: a demeaning “Oh Wow!” Most people would assume PediPlace was yet another out of order, run-down, underfunded clinic—where its limitations were probably causing more harm to patients than good. But after indulging them with all things PediPlace (staff, programs, patients), their “wows” would have a different tone. A tone that gave off how intrigued and surprised they were to hear there would be a clinic for the low-income community that could actually provide meaningful and exceptional care. PediPlace is the opportunity for low-income children to have appropriate healthcare. For staff, it is the opportunity to learn, push the limit, and make a difference. 

On any given day, the waiting room at PediPlace is booming with an array of different languages: from the Spanish our Latin American patients speak, to the Chin dialects our Burmese patients bring, to the expressive Swahili from Kenya or any other language from the African continent, to the plain old Texan English, PediPlace exemplifies the growing and enriching cultural diversity of Lewisville, the greater Dallas area, the State of Texas and our Country. The diversity at PediPlace further shows the commitment to serve individuals regardless of their background. What matters is that all children have an equal opportunity at an adequate level of healthcare so that healthcare issues do not distract or affect their overall wellbeing as they grow up in our community.

For many of our patients, PediPlace is the last floating raft upon a sinking ship. PediPlace understands this and embraces the struggle of others by ensuring quality healthcare is delivered to all of its patients regardless of their ability to pay. In fact, PediPlace rises above the occasion by providing services that are not necessarily a part of the everyday private practice, such as its weekly group newborn baby classes, the reach out and read literary program, the plush toy giveaway, the healthy baby program, the phone triage service, the daily giveaway of baby supplies and clothes, among other. Many of us could only dream of acquiring such services at our private physician office or any other indigent clinic, but for the patient population at PediPlace it is not only a dream, but a daily reality. It is for the quality healthcare and the social, philanthropic services PediPlace provide that the clinic adds hundreds of patients each year to the already thousands it serves.  And while many have been forced to cut back on their giving, PediPlace prepares to give more by its expansion into the North Dallas area. Undoubtedly, PediPlace is the guiding moon to an often times deserted population.      

I joined PediPlace with the intention of staying for a few months and quickly realized that it could be a place I could work for until the door to medical school opened. Those intentions of staying at PediPlace for a short period were quickly dissipated by the opportunity I saw for personal growth. I could tell early on that the relationships I would build with the medical providers, staff, and patients would benefit me in the long run. My duties at PediPlace? Chart Abstraction: the transfer of relevant medical information from the paper chart record into the electronic health record of the patient. Yes, my thought was the same as yours at this moment (why would anyone want to do that!) but something as seemingly boring  as inputting data into a computer became something I looked forward to doing each week. Why? It signified the opportunity for me to learn new medical terminology, medications, diseases, and general treatments. My work as a chart abstractor further flamed my enthusiasm towards the medical field. Reading, learning, and inputting all that data each day made the idea of me becoming a doctor in the future as tangible as the handshake of a satisfied patient. Furthermore, the constant mentorship provided by Dr. Smith and the team of Nurse Practitioners-Barbara, Cassandra, Christie, Debbie, Karina, Katy- reassured and strengthened my desire to continue pursuing my goal: medical school. The combination of chart abstraction and mentorship has taught and prepared me way beyond what the usual entering medical student knows. I am confident in my ability to interact with patients and medical providers but most importantly I am excited to learn! I consider myself lucky to have found PediPlace back in February of 2012 because of the opportunity it has given me to learn, share, and grow.

Lastly, the success of PediPlace could not be possible without the financial support of local leaders and organizations who understand the important role the clinic plays in our community. To all past, current, and future contributors, I thank you for giving me, the staff, and most importantly our patients the opportunity of being a part of something magical and inspiring. I can only hope you continue providing the tools for our staff to deliver incomparable medical care. And just as important, the daily PediPlace staff is too—our healthcare providers, medical assistants, administration support, and volunteers—whom are dedicated to the mission of PediPlace and unselfishly give of themselves to ensuring the highest level of care is provided. The staff at PediPlace has taught me the importance of looking beyond the salary you receive—that is to say to look at the impact your contribution to the organization makes in yourself, but most importantly in those you serve. Sure, many of us at PediPlace could possibly have higher paying jobs at a private practice or hospital setting, but we all value the work and impact PediPlace has in the community, and we undoubtedly feel great satisfaction of providing care to our patient population. And even though the challenges that come with working at PediPlace can drive us near to insanity at times, we embrace and secretly enjoy them because it is what makes our daily work worth our time.

There is no doubt that PediPlace will continue being the pediatric powerhouse it has become through its commitment to offer compassionate and reliable care to those most in need. And while my duty as chart abstractor has come to an end and I embark on the exciting journey of becoming a medical professional, I will miss most the opportunity to make an impact in a patient—even if it was only through a keyboard. When chapters in life are done and closed, it is often the case that they are never revisited or re-opened.  Today, instead of closing this chapter at PediPlace, I choose to ear mark it with the hope that one day I will come back to rediscover the beauty that it is to be a part of such a magical place.  

Juan Sosa

Previous Employee and Current Medical Student at UT Southwestern



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