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Asthma Patient Care at PediPlace

by Pediplace Blog | Jul 17, 2013

Did you know uncontrolled asthma in children is the leading cause of missed days of school for the child and missed days of work for their parents?  Asthma is a chronic disease with acute episodes of illness, but it can be controlled with the proper medications and treatments. It is a disease characterized by bronchospasm, airway hyperreactivity, and inflammation.  Asthma can be triggered by all sorts of things we inhale, like pollen, mold, smoke, pet dander, and dust mites.  Some people even have asthma symptoms from smelling strong odors like perfume or cleaning products.  We know now that asthma is genetically programmed into some people and others develop asthma as a result of viral infections or allergic sensitization.  Although some children with asthma have wheezing and trouble breathing, most have only cough or tightness in their chest.  When these symptoms interfere with sleep, school, or other activities like music or sports, we know the patient needs a rescue medicine as well as additional medications to control airway inflammation.  Sometimes parents and caregivers have concerns about the side effects of anti-inflammatory medications. Numerous studies have proven the safety and effectiveness of the medication. Worse are the consequences of untreated or under treated asthma! Growth failure, school failure, poor self- esteem, and chronic ill health may all result.

At PediPlace, we strive to provide comprehensive care for chronic illnesses such as asthma. Diagnosis, education, and patient-specific treatment are all part of the approach to control symptoms, minimize absence, and maximize normalcy in the lives of children and families. Recently we have begun an asthma education program that meets monthly in English and Spanish for patients and family members who want to learn more about asthma and take control of their health.

To illustrate how this approach works, I’d like to tell you a story about Heidi who is 7 years old and has asthma. Her mom has brought her to PediPlace for checkups and when she’s been sick since Heidi was 2 weeks old. When Heidi was 2, she was diagnosed with asthma after a serious respiratory infection. Heidi’s older brother had been diagnosed with asthma as a young child, so we knew to watch the other children in the family for breathing problems. Heidi’s mom did a great job learning how to give breathing treatments with a nebulizer and how to keep triggers from making Heidi sick. She just didn’t want to give her daughter medication every day because she thought it would make her weak or dependent on the medicine. And after all, no parent wants their child to be on medicine everyday if they don’t have to be, right? But after many sleepless nights listening to Heidi cough, trips back to PediPlace and to the Emergency Room, and picking a sick child up from school, Heidi’s mom decided to give the anti-inflammatory medicine to better control her daughter’s symptoms. Wonderful! Heidi’s cough and trouble breathing when she runs and plays have almost disappeared, and her mom can’t remember the last night she stayed up with a coughing child. The Emergency Room trips have ceased, and Heidi hardly ever misses school now. Her mother is happy; Heidi is healthier; and I, as her nurse practitioner/asthma educator, am taking deep, relaxed breaths now!

Barbara Yasso, RN, MSN, CPNP
Certified Asthma Educator



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