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  • A Place to Care

    by Pediplace Blog | Jul 22, 2014
    PediPlace is: unique, hope, chaos, sympathy, home, happy, peaceful, and opportunity. Better said, PediPlace is simply indescribable. When people asked me where I worked, I would typically stick with the formal description: non-profit pediatric clinic for Medicaid, CHIPS, and uninsured patients only. I usually got the same reaction...
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  • PediPlace's Director of Clinical Operations Shares Her Experiences

    by Pediplace Blog | Jun 12, 2014
    PediPlace, what a wonderful place to work and take care of so many special children and their families. I have been part of the PediPlace family for 17 years. I started at PediPlace in 1996 with not even a thought of possibly still being here so many years later.
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  • Board Chair Jeff Brannen Describes PediPlace's Growth Throughout the Years

    by Pediplace Blog | Nov 15, 2013
    As we celebrate PediPlace’s 20th birthday, it seems appropriate to look back to see where we have been. I have been involved with PediPlace for 19 of those years – first as its outside pro bono general counsel, then as board member, and now as its Chairman.
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  • PediPlace Board Chair-Elect Kevin Rogers Reflects on What He's Thankful For This Holiday Season

    by Pediplace Blog | Oct 15, 2013
    Jeff Brannen, Board Chair, did a great job describing PediPlace’s growth throughout the years in last month’s blog. As Thanksgiving approaches, I believe we have so much to be thankful for!
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  • Asthma Patient Care at PediPlace

    by Pediplace Blog | Jul 17, 2013
    Did you know uncontrolled asthma in children is the leading cause of missed days of school for the child and missed days of work for their parents? Asthma is a chronic disease with acute episodes of illness, but it can be controlled with the proper medications and treatments.
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  • Dr. Smith and His Work with ADHD Patients

    by Pediplace Blog | Jun 17, 2013
    Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a genetic condition of the brain that makes it difficult for children to control their behavior. With a confirmed diagnosis, treatment is usually begun on a stimulant medication.
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